"You see things; and you say 'Why?'

But I dream things that never were; and I say 'Why not?" 

                                          - George Bernard Shaw, playwright

My aim is to continue to pursue relentlessly what I felt was the purpose in my life which was only discovered about six years ago by chance. 

It was not my intention to start painting then.  I was just accompanying a friend who had depression and went for an art class.  I remembered hearing a small voice within telling me to just go ahead that I could do it. I also knew that I was able to produce quite a work of art when I took up Art as a module during my school days in pre-university and got good marks for it and even exhibited.  But the thought of taking it up seriously never occurred as my mom wanted me to go the main road like all the others so as to be able to 'survive' with a stable job.  I was also the lead dancer in the school ballet and was recommended by my teacher to pursue at the then Dance Academy in Singapore.  But that also never materialised...

APril 3 2015 057.JPG

I never intended to do so many murals since I started on a wall under a tunnel in 2013 in Clarke Quay upon the invitation of an organisation that specialises in murals. The road continue to open one after another thereafter.  Hard to explain but I guess I was so passionated it that I painted one painting a week and entered them in a temporary website. 

It was back in 2014-5 when my company asked me to be the director and main artist for the murals in their community initiative "Coloring Banda" in Chinatown that actually paved the way for more opportunities.  Mr Chan Chun Sing was the Guest of Honor who officially launched at the end of the project and invited me to do Holland V.  And the rest is history...

I must say the journey is a very lonely one but like the solitary flower that blooms alone in the wilderness, you find some sort of peace as you do what you love.  The end result is always a fulfilling one knowing that you had somehow touched someone's life and contributed to society the best you knew how. 

I hope I will continue to listen to paths that are opened for me and take up challenges as they come.  The Nike motto "Just Do It' still rings true for me. We never know how it's like until we do it!  It seems one small wall leads to a bigger one with more challenges.  It had made me much stronger in terms of character as I had to wage and withstand against physical elements while painting external walls. And the height - it made me wanna continue to sustain an active lifestyle and keep up with my fitness regimen and taking up exercises that will help me do this kind of physically demanding work.  

I want to be an inspiration to not only women but anyone regardless of age but more so for those in their 50s and 60s who may not have anything to do after they retire--to tell them they still have a life of their own after their children have grown up.  

My wish is to use my art to spread this awareness further beyond as far and for as long as I can.

"I live to paint. I dream of painting and I paint those dreams." Belinda Low
"I would rather die of passion than of boredom." Vincent Van Gogh

[All work in these galleries is the original work of Belinda Low, and are copyrighted. They may not be downloaded, copied, reproduced, manipulated or used in any form, without prior written consent of the artist. ]


Contact me directly for Originals and commission work on canvases and murals
email : seowpohchoo@gmail.com
Instagram : @lowbelinda  
Facebook - The Art of Belinda Low

Belinda had exhibited in New York, Basel and Zurich (Switzerland), Miami (Florida/USA), Kalamatas (Greece), Rivendal in Larochemillay (Morvan, France), and Singapore - Singapore Council of Women's Association, My Art Space, Gautama Gallery, Galeri Utama, Galeri Nila at the Foothills, Fort Canning, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Bosch Building, School of Thoughts, The Arts House (Old Parliament Building), Queenstown Community Hall.

Murals island (from 2013 to present) - More than 40 (includes commissioned indoor work) in Clarke Quay, MacPherson, Punggol, Jurong, Chinatown, Holland Village, Tanglin Halt, North Buona Vista, Commonwealth, Thomson, Bukit Timah, Sembawang, Pulau Ubin, Jurong Island, Yishun, Katong, Club Street…Commissioned work include language school, homes, cafes, hair salon, senior therapy centre, nursing homes, and commercial sectors.

Art trips to Bali, Greece, (Kalamatas), Myanmar, Penang (Malaysia), Sweden, Norway, Cambodia, France (Paris, Avignon, Vence, Avallon, Nice, Arles, St Remy, Auvers Sur-Oise, Marseilles, Morvan), The Netherlands, Perth (Australia).

Action Plan for Successful Ageing-Ministry of Health, Singapore as art of a communications campaign called "I Feel Young SG" 

Artbox.Project - New York, March 2018
Singapore Council of Women's Association - Dec 2017 (in aid of charity)
Artbox.Project - Basel, Switzerland - June 2017
Blue Centre, Kalamata, Greece - March 2017
Small Painting Exhibition in aid of Ren Ci Hospital 19-22 February 2017 (Sold Solitary Bloom)
Older & Wiser II - Tan Tock Seng Hospital, 18-24 February 2017
The Artwork Project, Miami, (Florida) Dec 2016
Rivendel, Cheptandiau, Larochemillay, Morvan (France)
My Art Space - 2012 to 2017
Gautama Gallery at The Foothills @Fort Canning Park- 2012-2015
Dhoby Ghaut Green - 2014
Tan Tock Seng Hospital - 2015
Bosch Building - 2015
School of Thoughts - 2015
The Arts House (Old Parliament Building) - 2015  
Galeri Utama, Galeri Nila, The Foothills Fort Canning Park - 2015
One Degree 15 Marina, Singapore - 2014
Approx 40 walls/murals (including commissioned works) in Clarke Quay, MacPherson, Punggol, Jurong, Chinatown, Holland Village, North Buona Vista, Commonwealth, Bukit Timah, Sembawang - from 2013 and still counting ...
EXPERIENCE from Present to Past (in descending order)
2019 - Morning Express, MCYY website, Silver Parade - March 15, 2019, All Saints Silver Lifestyle Club - February - May 2019
2018 - Painting trip - Follow Van Gogh, France in Arles, St Remy, Marseilles, Auvers (April)
- Mural at Jurong Island - Feb/Mar 2018.
- Featured in Ministry of Health campaign "I Feel Young SG" - Feb
- Featured in the Chinese Evening Newspaper Wanbao 22 Jan, page 7
- Commissioned Mural for rooftop terrace/penthouse - 20-21, Jan
- Featured in BBC Worldwide News - 11 Jan 2018


- Featured in The Straits Times 02 Jan 2018

2017 - 
- Two murals at SUPERCUTS Singapore, 191 Thomson Road - Dec 2017
- Mural at Lions Home ror the Elders, Bishan Street 13, Singapore-Oct-Nov 2017
- Featured in two online publications- Dwellings.com & 
http://mynicehome.sg/2017/08/22/colourful-art-house/? hilite=Belinda
- Mural at Holland Village (Chip Bee Gdns, Singapore) -August 2017
- Mural for a kampong house in Pulau Ubin for Living Fisher Village - July 2017
- Banda Goes Digital - Mural in IT room for seniors - May 2017
- Art Jam for a Marina Bay Gold Course (MBGC) 28 April 2017
- Wallart for Yang Language School, The Grandstand, Singapore, April 2017
- Wallart for cafe (Enchante) - 24 & 25 Feb 2017
- Greece (Kalamata) - Painting trip - March
- Small Painting Exhibition My Art Space in aid of charity Jan 2017
- Older but Wiser Exhibition and live demo sketching - Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Feb 2017
- Commissioned work (green mountain and sky) - 24 & 25 March 2017

2016 - Live Wedding painting "Grow Old With You" - Dec 18
- The Artwork Project - Miami, December 1-6
- Murals (two walls) at Commonwealth housing estate, Singapore - November/December
- Small group art jamming sessions for families - Sept - Dec
- "The Grand Dame","Who's That Girl", "In the Same Boat" - prints SOLD -August/September
- Commissioned work on tote bag 'Shimmering City Night Lights' & shoes- August/October
- Commissioned Mural for Cali Cafe© and Bar - Jan/Feb (Lorong Mambong, Singapore)
- Myanmar - March
- Larochemillay, Morvan, France - June
- The Future of Us - Mural for a home of Mr Lee Kuan Yee - January
- 9 Murals at Holland Village - Jan to June

2015 - Travels cum painting trips- Penang (Malaysia) - April 2015
- France (Paris, Avignon, Vence, Avallon, Nice, Arles, St Remy) - June 2015
- Murals at Chinatown, Singapore - total 11 in all (Sep 2014 to Mar 2015) - in line with SG50 celebration Heritage theme
- Exhibition at Gautama Gallery at The Foothills @Fort Canning Park - 8-13 August 2015
- Artists' Night Out: Lights, Camera, Action -- Outdoor exhibition at Dhoby Ghaut Green - 29 & 30 August, 2015
- Majulah! Kampong Spirit of the Contemporary World featuring women from different races of the yesteryears -- 7 to 27 November
Exhibiting in 4 venues - Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Bosch Bldg, School of Thoughts, The Arts House (Old Parliament Bldg)  
- Exhibition Older But Wiser 5-18 December 2015 - My Grandpa & I at Galeri Utama, Galeri Nila, The Foothills Fort Canning Park
- Exhibition All Walks of Life 14-16 Dec 2015 - Through the Gate, My Art Space
- Commissioned work - Close To You II Nov , home
- SOLD : Dreams- November
- Commissioned work - I Wish the Best for You - August
- Commissioned Mural - "The Future of Us" - Home, Sembawang, December


2014 - Painting trip to Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia - February
- Continuing mural work at MacPherson "Irises at MacPherson" - Feb/Mar
- First print SOLD of Hej Stockholm - February
- Mural work at Jurong featuring Pablo Picasso - March
- Sri Lanka - end April
- Sweden and Norway - May
- Commissioned work "Inseparable - Sunny & Milly" - March http://fineartamerica.com/featured/inseparable-belinda-low.html  
- Featured as Artist of the Month in May (AOTM) in the Asian Perspective Group
- Commissioned work "Starry Night at The Courtyard Cafe" - June
- SOLD "RESPECT" and "Home is Where the Heart Is" - August
- Mural project, Chinatown - 11 walls - Sep 2014 till March 2015
- SOLD Original painting "Life is a Bouquet of Flowers" Oct
- Two artworks "Wish I Could Stay" and "Starry Night over the City in the Year 2014" featured in the art publication "International Contemporary Artists Vol. IX" - Nov
- Mural at the Women's Ward, Institute of Mental Health "Walk Toward Sanity and Peace" - December

2013 - First public exhibition held at Queenstown Community Centre.  
- Consignment at a marina "One Degree Fifteen" showcasing 20 selected art pieces June-September - extended to December 2013
- Street art at a walkway under the Singapore River showcasing historical developments from birth of nation to the present - July/Aug
"Cool Dude" "Her Royal Highness" "Born Free" 
- Silent auction for charity at the Istana Park 24 August 2013  
- Sale of original artwork to US art collector in LA, CA "Colorful Sun-day"
- Street art at a housing estate displaying Van Gogh art "Irises at Mapherson" "Springtime in Macpherson" "Starry Night over Macpherson"
- Featured in Longitude, an inhouse newsletter at the One Degree 15 Sep/Oct 2013
- One of three winners in the Special Juried Art Competition held by My Art Space @November 22 2013 "It is Well with My Soul"

2012 - Winner in the Favorite of the month (April) at My Art Space "Red Cathedral - Journey of Peace and Serenity"
- Winner in the Realistic Category for Lotus theme in July at My Art Space "Solitary Bloom"
- Participated in a juried art exhibition held at National Parks Gallery - August 2012
- Plein air painting trips in Bali
- Commissioned works "City Around the River" and "The Way We Were"
- Appeared on television in Okto channel-- an arts channel featuring local artists visiting residents in July 2012. "Into the Light" where collaborated with an artist who specialises in graffiti in this program.

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